Printing machines are the most significant element in our state-of-the-art technological park.

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Digital print works well for relatively small volumes of ordered printing jobs.

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The bindery is equipped with machines ensuring comprehensive post-printing treatment up to the final product.

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DTP Studio deals with checking and professional preparation of your files.

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Personalisation of print is an opportunity to place individual texts or graphic elements on each printout copy.

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All projects and texts printed in our printing house are treated by default as confidential. Our personnel are perfectly aware of the significance of information. We do not reveal any data of our customers.

Offset Printing

Printing machines form the most essential element in our firm. The modern machinery park enables us to offer top quality printing in any available colours. Our machines ensure sheet-fed printing up to B1 format on the following types of paper: offset paper, illustration printing paper, cardboard and self-adhesive paper. We use various types of printing enhancements in accordance with individual needs of customers: dispersion varnish, offset varnish, UV varnish. We use paper and materials that ensure top quality and durability of your products.

Relying on our expertise and experience, you will find in us a partner ensuring flexibility, efficient production cycle and low prices. This will allow you to better reach your customers and to optimise your production tasks.

Digital printing

Digital print is a technology to facilitate preparing a publication within a very short time. Digital print is a perfect solution for low volume printing tasks and for packaging production in a small and medium volumes. Its undisputed advantage consists in the possibility of applying various printing substrates and paper densities. A tremendous asset is also in the possibility to personalise any printing copy, as well as colour consistency and repeatability at any time.

Digital print ensures short time of execution and the best value for money. The principal advantage is also consistent stability and repeatability.


The bindery is equipped with machines ensuring comprehensive post-printing treatment until obtaining the finished product. Thanks to such resources we are able to effectively implement the slogan “Everything from a single source”. We ensure a full scope of binding procedures.

We are totally in control of the quality of work at any stage of manufacturing process, and the customer receives from us a finished product not requiring any further subcontracting. Our significant asset apart from modern machinery is the manual work of our staff, experienced and competent employees, accompanied by accuracy and precision in manufacturing. We specialise in highly challenging tasks. Thanks to our expertise we offer advise and suggest the most optimum finishing for a particular product.


We offer highly refined products obtained thanks to the processes:

  • foiling matte/glossy
  • wire binding with holes and without
  • paperback and hardcover
  • hot or cold gluing
  • gold plating and pressing
  • laminating
  • perforation cutting
  • die cutting
  • creasing
  • punching
  • folding
  • spiralling
  • layering and spiral binding calendars
  • assembling and gluing packagings
  • UV varnishing with screen printing technique in a full-surface mode and selectively
  • packaging and packing into durable cardboard boxes (possibility of poly-wrapping)

Comprehensive range of services  • Experience • Accuracy and aesthetics  • Initiative


Pre-press facility is an important section of our printing house. Own pre-press and design studios ensure comprehensive preparation of tasks for printing. We work on professional equipment. We use software including Adobe (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Acrobat Professional) up to version CS6, Corel Draw up to version X7, PitStop, Darwin, Esko ArtiosCAD ver. 14. Proper and error-free preparation of materials for printing is our priority and we work as well on KODAK Prinergy software.



A graphic studio is an integral part of the publishing house. Apart from making designs, the studio ensures fast proofreading, DTP, and also significant adjustments in materials submitted by customers. We also make certified colour proofs to serve as printing benchmarks.



We operate the modern CTP system therefore you can be assured that the printing of our output shall always be of the top quality. Modern imagesetters with Heidelberg Prinect and Kodak Prinergy software make up one fast, reliable and high quality production system.


Technology and software alone will not ensure full success. Success will be the effect of human effort. The staff of our studio consists of experienced specialists making their careers for years in this industry and continually developing their skills and competences.

Appropriate preparation of materials for printing is the basis for the whole production process, deciding to a large extent on the print quality. Your files are proofread and processed with the use of advanced tools.


Graphic personalisation

Personalisation of print involves each copy being marked with individual elements, which are to be adjusted to individual needs and preferences of a customer. The process is effected by means of appropriate software.


We prepare three types of print personalisation: text, graphics and codes. Thanks to personalisation printing output has its own distinct and unique character. The undisputed strong point is also the ability to encode a very large amount of data, which can also be quickly and easily read. Personalisation of print offers practically limitless creative possibilities making the message noticed, appreciated and remembered by the recipient.

A wide range of possibilities ensures adjusting the service to customer’s requirements, including also printing of address data and personal data from a database. Undoubtedly, this shortens the time of addressing and reduces the possibility of error occurring. Personalisation significantly affects cost reduction, enhancement of marketing activities and customer loyalty.


We offer you our technology, advice and concepts.

The process of personalisation takes place entirely in our printing house.

The safety of data of our customers is our top priority.