Packaging production

We specialise in cardboard packagings. We address our offer first of all to pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical sectors. We are also developing packagings for gardening, medicinal and textile products. We satisfy strict requirements as proven by quality certificates that we hold. Thanks to many years of experience, we can match the best solutions to customers’ needs.

Scope of work

  • We develop prototypes, create innovative constructions and graphic designs. We ensure preparing board gridsand as well 3D models of your product.
  • Interesting visual effects achieved by selecting specific enhancements make up a very important marketing tool. Thanks to our resources we offer foiling, UV varnishing, hot-stamping.
  • Die cutting is one of the most effective methods in packaging production. Extensive machinery stock consisting of modern machines ensures punching, pressing and marking.
  • Individual needs of our customers have us use modern and advanced solutions in assembling and adhesive bonding of packagings. We offer single-point, two-point, three-point glueing with self-closing bottoms and packagings for self-assembly without the use of glue.

What you gain by using our services:

Advice and consultancy at every step of order execution.

Competitive prices and flexibility regarding logistics of deliveries.

Top quality offset and digital print (both in large volumes and in print-on-demand orders, starting from 1 copy)

Production of advertising materials

What we value most is an opportunity to respond to individual needs of our customers. To ensure complex service for our customers we offer a wide range of services in production of advertising materials e.g. handouts, folders, sewn brochures, adhesive-bonded catalogues, letterhead papers and calendars. We offer solutions to ensure that optimise the whole chain of processes from preparing an order through printing stage onto storage and distribution of the finished product. The knowledge of the industry guarantees prompt order execution and obtaining high quality product. Appropriate production protection ensures prompt order execution.

Scope of work

  • Comprehensive implementation of production beginning from DTP, prepress, printing process up to the complex set of binding procedures, packing and dispatching. We have top quality production machines and highly trained personnel.
  • We also have our own transport fleet of vehicles of varied loading capacity. We provide services to our customers both in the home country and abroad. We also cooperate with renowned freight companies, which are the subjects to our ongoing assessment and control.
  • We have our own warehouse operating the high-rack storage system. The surface enables both storage of orders and as well ensuring appropriate amounts of materials for production.

Benefits for you:

Price quotations are prepared individually for you.

Commitment and responsibility make up the principle motto for cooperation with our customers.

Modern technical resources ensure perfect product quality and prompt order execution.

We are at your disposal at any time. The execution of your order is our priority.


The range of services also include accurate and comprehensive product assembling. The whole process is carried out based on individual needs of customers. An order is executed by qualified staff on the specialised machinery.

Scope of work

  • Assembling in accordance with any requirements of customers into collective or individual packagings.
  • Packing into cartons, tubes, foil bags.
  • Repackaging with the possibility of recovering / adding certain components.
  • Packaging into kits.
  • Insertions.
  • Affixing labels, codes, stickers.
  • Placing, in any or precisely defined places on products, various leaflets, discount cards, samples, sachets, coupons, gadgets.
  • Placing wrappers on indicated products.
  • Fiscal marking of products: with tapes, rubber bands.
  • Product labelling and foiling.
  • Storage of finished products.
  • Heat foiling (shrink-wrapping) of advertising products e.g.: brochures, promotional newsletters, advertising materials and others.

What you gain by using our services:

Prompt and reliable order execution

Comprehensive and professional service and absence of concern about your order

Optimum offer adjusted to your requirements, preferences and needs

Proven solutions

We also offer our other services. Please be invited to cooperation!