How to submit files

 Server InSite

It is the most appropriate method  to send us production files.

On Contacting the Customer Service Department, you shall receive an individual link to upload the files to an order.

InSite Server is a system which enables uploading materials for printing jobs. At the same time, files are automatically checked for appropriate preparation. Any errors shall be displayed on an interactive list. The system also enables approval and referring the work for printing. Selecting this method definitely effects shortening the time for file approval. The customer also has access to an archive of his files.

InSite Server is based on HTML5 technology, and for the system to function properly, it is necessary to use state-of-the-art leading browsers e.g.: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

FTP Server

Materials for printing can be sent around-the-clock to our FTP Server. In the case of problems in establishing connection please contact the Customer Service Department. In order to speed up and secure file sending, we recommend using popular programs for data compression.

Files intended for printing may also by delivered in person to the Customer Service Department Monday through Friday from 8:00 – 16:00

ICC Profiles

Parameters obtained on our machines are in compliance with the standard ISO 12647-2:2004, and obtained colours in compliance with profiles ISOcoated.icc and ISOuncoated.icc

Profiles are available for downloading from the website of organisation creating them in accordance with ISO norms.

European Color Initiative

Please do not attach profiles to files prepared for us  – we assume that they are compliant with profiles ISOcoated v2 (ECI) or ISOuncoated (ECI).
If you wish to intentionally attach your own profiles for conversion into those used by us  – please contact us beforehand.

Profiles ISOcoated_v2 (ECI) are created on the basis of standard ISO 12647-2:2007